Look 9 „Vesta“
Look 9 „Vesta“
Look 9 „Vesta“
Look 9 „Vesta“

Thang de Hoo

Look 9 „Vesta“

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Fitted vertical stitched leather vest with shawlcollar and short sleeves.
Style closes with leather covered buttons
Cb: 60 cm
Mat:100% Lamsleather
Lining. 100% Silk



Look 4„Jacquille“
Handcrafted wool crêpe blouse and pants
Wool crêpe blouse has a tie, open sleeves with fitted cuffs closed with covered buttons.
Blouse closes in the back with a zipper
Cb: 72 cm
Mat:100% Wo

„Mens“pants with lowered crotch 4, pockets and boxpleat waist .
Hem closes with an invisible zipper on the inside leg.
Cb: Pants100cm
Mat: 100% Wo
Lining: 100% Silk